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Remember to scan your Student Card to register attendance.

Please remember to scan your Student Card to register your attendance at ALL of your timetabled sessions. You can do this at card readers placed outside, or in, teaching rooms. If you do not do this you will be marked as absent.

This is important as research shows good attendance helps students enjoy university, get better grades and reduce the risk of academic failure or withdrawal. Monitoring attendance also helps us support students who could benefit from further academic or wellbeing support.

Please complete this form if you have a reason to notify us about your absence from a scheduled class which you wish to be authorised.

Please note that only exceptional evidence based reasons for absence can be authorised. This form should not be used for reporting minor absences due to illness or unforeseen events. 

Students Union Academic Advice Service

The Union operates an Academic Advice Service to students. We offer free, impartial advice and guidance on appeals, ECF's, Complaints, attend disciplinary meetings, fitness to practise hearings, Bullying and Harassment issues and much much more.
Students or staff can contact the service on 02392 845310, email or drop in to the Volunteering and Representation Office, Gun House Students' Union.

Risk Assessment

If you will be involved activity where you could put others at risk, especially while working in public places then you need to complete a risk assessment form for the activity.

We now have a page dedicated to Risk Assessment with links to sample forms for many locations and links to other info to help you complete the forms correctly. It is available in the Resources section Risk Assessment page.