Personal Tutors

Every student is assigned a Personal Tutor during their first week at the University and they will be your personal tutor for the remainder of the course. Personal Tutors are there to give advice, help and support on both academic and pastoral matters that concern you. During your first year in University you should keep in touch with your personal tutor on a regular basis and you must attend a few formal meetings.

Personal Tutors are a critical element of our support system for students and you should get to know them and see them when the need arises.  In addition to pastoral matters, personal tutors will often be asked about their tutees by Boards of Examiners and by companies wishing to take up references.

It is important that you feel relaxed and comfortable with your personal tutor as you will normally stay with them for the entire period of your studies. There may be occasions when you would prefer to contact someone other than your personal tutor. If this happens, you should feel free to approach any member of staff.

If you wish to change your personal tutor for any reason please discuss the matter with your course leader or contact Ben Hodgson (email:

As part of our commitment to supporting students personal tutor meetings occur throughout the year. In the first year students have timetabled meetings with their personal tutors. In the second and final year personal tutors contact their tuttees by email and arrange meetings with them. 
In 2016-17 we have made available 12 noon to 1pm on Wednesdays as a personal tutor meeting time for many, but not all, students. 
If you are a second year student you may have this 12 noon to 1pm slot on your timetable as a Tutor meeting, connected to the CT5PICAR unit.
If you are a final year student you may have this 12 noon to 1pm slot on your timetable as a Tutor meeting, connected to the CT6CTPRO unit.
You will be contacted by your personal tutor who will let you know which of these meetings you should attend (you do not attend them every week).
If you have another event from 12 noon to 1pm then you should attend that and your personal tutor will contact you to arrange another time for your personal tutor meetings.
If you have any questions about this then contact your personal tutor, you can find their name on your Student Portal.