In some circumstances you might be granted a “compensated pass” for a failed unit. A compensated pass means that the Board of Examiners has decided to give you credit for that unit based on your performance on other units in that year. In order to be eligible for compensation you must have:

•    An average mark for the year of at least 40% across all units and
•    Normally an overall mark of at least 30% in the unit to be “compensated” and
•    Attempted all the assessments in the unit to be "compensated", or have a valid extenuating circumstance to explain any non-attempt.

Please note compensation is not an automatic right but is a Board of Examiners decision.  

There is a limit on the total amount of compensation allowed per student in order to get a degree (60 credits for an honours degree, 30 credits for a master’s degree).  There will also be a limit of 20 credits on the amount of compensation possible at each level of an honours degree.  

Please see the Examination and Assessment Regulations for the definitive rules on assessment.