Handing in coursework

The School of Creative Technologies uses Turnitin for the online submission of coursework for selected units assessed by essay type assessments. Please follow the instructions given by your tutor where online submission is required.

All other Coursework and Projects (in any shape or form) must be handed in to the CT Admin Office.  REMEMBER: Under no circumstances should coursework be handed in or emailed to the lecturer as you will not receive a receipt (proof of handing it in).

REMEMBER that the CT office is open from 9.00am until 4.00pm (closed for lunch 1 till 2 pm) Monday to Friday, but that the standard coursework deadline is always 3pm for assessments submitted via the office.

Where possible all coursework must be submitted anonymously and identified only by your student ID number which can be found on your campus card. Please add your ID number as a header to every page of your coursework.

In some instances (such as CVs and the final year project) anonymous marking is not possible, however these are the only exceptions and all other assessments must be submitted anonymously. Failure to comply will be deemed an assessment offence.

Please complete a coursework submission form for each piece of coursework before you come to the CT Admin Office, this will speed up the process and reduce queues!

Once you have your receipt, hold on to it until you have received your coursework back. It is your only proof that you handed it in, in the unlikely event that your work is lost.

Group coursework

If you are submitting group coursework, please make sure that all group members have listed their ID numbers on the submission form. You don't all have to hand it in together, just one of you can hand it in.

Sign against your names on the relevant class list (or pp. for other group members).

See the CT Guidleines for groupwork

Late submission (first attempt)

Coursework submitted within 20 working days of the published submission date will be marked. The mark for the assessment will be limited to the unit pass mark, but the uncapped mark should also be shown on the coursework when it is returned to you.  

If you submit valid extenuating circumstances within 20 working days of the published submission date your original mark will be reinstated and the cap lifted.

Coursework submitted more than 20 working days after the published submission date will not be marked and will be recorded as a non submission.

Bearing all this in mind we suggest you PLAN AHEAD.  If you are using the computers in the labs, please be aware that a few days before deadlines systems start getting pretty hot. Networks and printers may be affected due to overload.  Leave yourself enough time!

Late submission (Second attempt and deferred first attempt assessment)

Second attempt coursework submitted after the 3pm deadline on Friday 22nd July 2016 – will not be marked as Extenuating Circumstances cannot be claimed for second attempt work (i.e. automatically = 0%).!

Coursework collection

Marked coursework can be collected from the CT Admin Office, but you must show your student registration card before anything will be returned to you. We will send an email to your googlemail account to let you know when each piece of marked coursework is ready for you to collect.

Please see the Examination and Assessment Regulations for the definitive rules on assessment.