Extenuating Circumstances

Extenuating Circumstances are circumstances relating to your health and /or personal life which are of a sufficiently serious nature to result in your being unable to attend, complete, or submit an assessment on time.

The University of Portsmouth operates a “fit to sit” extenuating circumstances policy.  This means that if you sit an examination or submit an assignment on time, you are declaring yourself fit to sit the assessment and no extenuating circumstances will be accepted.  You can only submit extenuating circumstances if you have failed to submit coursework by the deadline, missed an examination or were taken ill during an examination. Extenuating Circumstances forms can no longer be submitted for second attempt or deferred first attempt assessments.

Extenuating Circumstance Forms and guidance notes for their completion should be collected from the CT Admin Office (Eldon Building).  You will be asked to complete the form and return it to the office with documentary evidence including a written explanation/statement of case.  

Extenuating circumstances will only be considered on the completion of a form, which will need to be returned to the Admin Office by the relevant deadline. If you require assistance with completing your form please contact Corinne Collier corinne.collier@port.ac.uk (023) 9284 5460. Sam Lyons sam.lyons@port.ac.uk (023) 9284 5920 or speak to any of the staff in the CT Admin Office ct-enquiry@port.ac.uk (023) 9284 5460.


For coursework assessments your ECF must be handed in within the following deadlines:

Undergraduate students: Within 20 working days of the published submission date

Postgraduate students: Within 30 working days of the published submission date

The deadline for all ECFs relating to examinations is: Friday 31st May 2013

Your form may not be considered if you hand it in after the deadline. Once submitted you should be informed of the outcome within 10 working days.

Please see the Examination and Assessment Regulations for the definitive rules on assessment.