Unit Results

All unit marks are provisional until confirmed by the Unit Assessment Board (UAB) which will take place on Wednesday 26th June 2019. All confirmed marks for units will be published via Myport by Friday 28th June 2019.

Getting your end of year results

The Board of Examiners (BOE) makes a decision based on your overall performance.

After the BOE the emphasis is on you to find out your results at the end of the year. It is important that you check on Myport or on these web pages as this is the only way you will find out if you are required to undertake any second attempt assessments that will take place in July.

There is not enough time after the Board of Examiners (BOE) and before the second attempt period, for us to write to you with details.

BOE results letters will be sent to your mailing address from Monday 8th July and where necessary followed up with a second letter in August detailing the outcome of any second attempts that were taken during July.

It is your responsibility to check your results and ensure you know where and when to sit second attempt exams and hand-in coursework should you be required to submit them. The university will not accept non-receipt of mail, or "I was waiting for my letter" as an excuse for failure to complete second attempt work.

In accordance with the University's Examination and Assessment Regulations the Board of Examiners makes the final decision on whether you are eligible for second attempt assessment.

Board of Examiners results will be published on Myport and below from Friday 5th July for Levels 4 and 5 and Monday 8th July for Levels 6 and 7. 

Years 4 and 5 Progression Results (please click on the heading on the left to access your results)

Year 6 Results (please click on the heading on the left to access your results)

Year 7 (Masters) Results (please click on the heading on the left to access your results)

Results letters for all students (except Postgraduate students that will not be considered by the June Examination Board) will start to be produced from 8th July onwards. Please bear in mind that we will be setting up repeats and whilst we will endeavour to send out all letters by the end of July there may be a delay.

The results of the second attempt Board of Examiners for all courses and levels will be posted below from Friday 9th August 2019:


Second Attempt Results (please click on the heading on the left to access your results)

If you are at all confused about your results or wish to discuss them further then please email  


Please see the Examination and Assessment Regulations for the definitive rules on assessment.