What do my results mean?

The text below will give you information on what each decision means. 

Compensated Pass 

You have a compensated pass in a unit in which you did not quite achieve the 40% pass mark and can progress to the next stage of your course.

Second Attempt

You are required to undertake additional assessments as a second attempt.  For further details on what you need to do please refer to MyPort and the Moodle page of the unit(s) you have failed. If you fail to sit your second attempt you will not be eligible for compensation.  Any failed units will require you to repeat only these units next year, you will not be allowed to progress to the next stage of the course.  All second attempt coursework must be submitted by 3pm on Friday 24th July 2015.  Any work submitted after this date and time will be considered a non-submission

Please note:  If you need to re-work any of your work please collect it from the CT Admin office. We cannot post this to you.  We are open normal office hours over the summer.  If you want someone else to collect it for you please email ct-enquiry@port.ac.uk with the name of the person who is collecting it on your behalf.  They will need to have photographic ID. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you have failed more than 40 credits at Level’s 4 or 5 you are not eligible to undertake a second attempt and will have to repeat these units next academic year.

At Level 6 you may undertake second attempts in 40 credits plus your final project, CTPRO, MAJOR or MAJAN. 

Fail Repeat

You are not eligible for a second attempt due to a non-submission or a failure of more than 40 credits and must repeat the unit(s) you failed next academic year.  You cannot progress onto the next Level of your course.

Fail Exclude

You have been excluded.  You are NOT permitted to return to continue with your studies on this programme.  You have the right to appeal this decision with the Head of School.  Please email sam.lyons@port.ac.uk by Friday 17th July 2015 at the very latest.