Student Reps

Each course and year group or cohort of students should have at least one Student Representative. These Student Representatives act as a link between the School of Creative Technologies and the rest of the students.

Student Staff Consultative Committee

Student Representatives are invited to attend the Student Staff Consultative Committee (SSCC) which sits 3 times a year. The SSCC may also be run by the students themselves should one of the student reps be willing to chair the meeting. The students may also appoint a secretary for the meetings. At the SSCC student reps have an opportunity to feedback to the School on matters relating to resources:

  • Academic staff availability
  • Administrative arrangements including timetabling
  • Assessment submission and retrieval
  • Central student support provision (Academic Skills Unit (ASK), Careers and Employment, etc)
  • Communication
  • Enrolment and induction
  • IT provision and other technical facilities
  • Library provision
  • Teaching rooms
  • Tutorial support arrangements and personal tutoring including the Study Support Centre
  • Any other student comments

Board of Studies

Student Representatives are also invited to attend the Board of Studies (BOS) which meets three times a year. At this meeting past, present and future delivery of your course is discussed. Student Representatives have the opportunity to feedback on the delivery of units or courses. Planned future developments to courses are also discussed to try and gauge the general feeling of students towards any changes.

We value any feedback we receive from our Student Representatives whether it be positive or negative and always follow up any comments we receive.

If you would like to know who your student representative is please come to the CT Admin office and we can let you know and give you their contact details. If you would like to volunteer to represent your course please email with your details.