In your studies you will be regularly required to present to an audience (usually your fellow students). This is an important skill for you to develop ready for your future career when you will almost certainly need to present (and interviews for jobs usually require a presentation), so take the opportunities seriously.

Here is a quick tips list:

  • Dress appropriately
  • Speak clearly and confidently (even if you don't feel it!)
  • Introduce the topic and what you will cover.
  • Talk about the topic
  • End by summarising key points and inviting questions

Make sure you rehearse and check your timings as usually you will be given a specific time slot length.

Treat it like an essay, so make sure you have researched what you are talking about where appropriate. 

Use visual aids (like Powerpoint) to help you remember what you want to say and to get across your key points, but do not simply read slides out.