I think I might have a special need or requirement regarding my teaching or exams e.g. dyslexia or a mobility issue. Who should I go to for help?

Please contact the Creative Technologies student disability representative Gavin Wade gavin.wade@port.ac.uk (023) 9284 5484 or alternatively Sam Lyons in the CT admin office on (023) 9284 5920 sam.lyons@port.ac.uk or the Additional support and Disability Advice Centre (ASDAC) on (023) 9284 3462 asdac@port.ac.uk  and they will assist you.

I am unable to attend lectures due to sickness or another reason, what should I do?

Please complete the CT absence report form

I have moved house who do I need to tell?

This is very important as we often use your addresses for important correspondence.

Please send us an email via the form on your student portal or send an email to ct-enquiry@port.ac.uk. Please always include you student ID number, course and year in the subject heading.

How can I change my options?

Options can ONLY be changed for exceptional reasons arising from course management difficulties or for academically valid reasons (e.g. you may need to change direction based on poor previous performance or you may have decided that your future career plans require a different option choice)

Options can ONLY be changed during set periods which are the 2nd week in July, induction week and teaching weeks 2 and 14

To change options please email ct-enquiry@port.ac.uk. You must include your name, student number, the unit or units you wish to drop, your replacement units and a reason for why you wish to make the changes.

I would like to change my course who can help me?

Please contact a member of the course team to discuss your proposal. You will then need to complete a transfer form and return it to the CT admin office.

How do I go about registering a complaint?

If you wish to make a complaint please follow the complaints procedure.

I have lost my student campus card. How do I get a new one?

First go to the CT admin office to check if it has been handed in.  If you lose your card you must first pay for a replacement via the online store http://onlinestore.port.ac.uk/ under Students and Campus Cards.  The fee for replacing your card is £10.

Your replacement student card will be provided when you call the IS Service desk (Tel: 023 92 847777) to tell them you have made a payment for a replacement card.  Please ensure your payment has been fully completed before you call the service desk.  The Campus Card Service at the Student IT Support Centre is open during term time from 10.00 am – 4.00pm Monday to Friday. 

What should I do with lost property?

If you have lost or found property please report it to the caretaking staff in the building from where you lost or found it. If you find a student’s campus card please bring it to us in the CT admin office and we will arrange to return it to the student.

I am having personal or financial problems, where can I go for help?

Your personal tutor, course leader or staff in the CT admin office are a good start to get help. If we cannot solve the problem then we can signpost you to people or services who can help. 

The University offers a huge range of support services to students many of which can be found in the Nuffield Centre. You can also access many of these via https://myport.ac.uk/ 

I am having problems regarding the academic content or requirements of my course, who can help me?

Please contact your personal tutor, course leader or come to the admin office. You may also wish to consider calling in at the Creative Support. If this does not help contact your student rep to raise the issue at the Board of Studies meeting.

I am having problems with the computer network. Is there somebody I can contact?

Please contact the IS servicedesk on ext. 7777 or email servicedesk@port.ac.uk.  You could also ask your student rep to raise the issue at the staff/student committee. Please do not ignore the problem, if we do not know about it there is nothing we can do about it!

I have an issue of health and safety that I am worried about.

Please contact Toby Meredith on ext 3346 or email toby.meredith@port.ac.uk

I need a first aider!

The caretakers in every building are qualified first aiders please phone ext 3418. The are many other first aid trained staff around the University.

Can I change my personal tutor?

Yes, please contact rod.jeffcote@port.ac.uk